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River port


Canal de la Robine, today part of the world heritage

La Robine finished taking its current downstream side by the removal of the loops of Fleix and Mandirac at the end of the XVIIIth century and the building of the Mandirac lock then the Sainte-Lucie one in the XIX th century.

Meanwhile, the competition with the railway disrupted the traffic. However the canal would still be active thanks to the wine economy which was thriving. The Docks of Lorraine and Alsace, where were lined the wine storehouses of the wine merchants, came to life during an intense but short period. It was between 1872 and 1900, when projects often lucrative and sometimes electoral were flourishing; either to develop a un port between the town and the massif de la Clape, or to bring the Canal du Midi, now extended by the canal latéral from the Garonne up to Bordeaux, to the size of a proper canal of the two seas which made possible the transit, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, of strong tonnage ships as well as the buildings of the French war fleet!

All these dreams will failed, there would be no more inland water navigation on our canals but nowadays, water-based tourism revives the Canal du Midi and the Robine of Narbonne, its junction towards Port la Nouvelle, all rated as « World Heritage of Humanity ».  


Port and halt open throughout the year

  • Works on the canal : from 30/10 to 01/04
  • Season : from 01/04 to 30/09

4 quays for mooring along 2.5 Km.

  • Le Quai Central (Quai des Barques), located in the city center is for temporary halts only.
  • Le Quai valiere
  • Le Quai d’alsace
  • Le Quai de l’escoute


Sizes of the boats allowed :
up to 30 m - Tirant d’eau : 1,50m - Tirant d’air : 3m

Parking prices (based on the size of a boat of 7.99.m) : 


  • Halt :  prices from 4.30€ to 22.30€ depending on the season and size.

  • Weekly : From 26.40€ to 101.00€ depending on the season and size.

  • Monthly : From 88.00€ to 350.00€ depending on the season and size.

  • Annual : No place available.

For more information

Accomodations : Water, electricity. Municipal showers, bathrooms.
Other services : Boat launching ramps for boats of 10-15m. Possibility of wintering.

Remarks : Depending on the location on the port, the shops are between 150m and 1.5Km away.

  • Request for annual mooring

Download the request form

Fill in the form and send it to the following postal address :

Services Techniques
Régie du Port Fluvial
10, Quai Dillon

  • Request for seasonal mooring

Fill in the form online


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